Can You Go Straight Into Marine Recon?

How much does a Marine Force Recon make?

Total Pay Average The typical US Marine Corps Recon Marine salary is $39,951.

Recon Marine salaries at US Marine Corps can range from $25,617 – $49,558.

This estimate is based upon 5 US Marine Corps Recon Marine salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods..

What’s the difference between Marine Raiders and Force Recon?

Marine Recon conduct amphibious assaults, deep recon and surveillance, and battlespace shaping in support of the Marine Expeditionary Force. Marine Raiders support their governments’ internal security, counter subversion, and reduce violent risks from internal and external threats against the U.S.

Are Recon Marines like Navy SEALs?

Its mission, then and now, was to go deep behind enemy lines in order to gather reconnaissance of the enemy (hence Force RECON). They are similar to the Navy SEALs in that they are heavily trained in airborne and combat diving techniques in order to allow them to bypass traditional land defense systems.

What do Force Recon Marines do?

Recon Marines are tasked with land and amphibious reconnaissance, intelligence collection, surveillance and small unit raids, and straddle the line between special operations forces and conventional forces.

How hard is it to get into Marine recon?

With an attrition rate of over 50 percent, the Basic Reconnaissance Course (BRC) is one of the more difficult Special Operations selection programs in the U.S. military.

How long does it take to become Marine recon?

1.5 to 2-yearsOn average, it will take 1.5 to 2-years to train a fully qualified Marine Reconnaissance Operator. Since the Marine Corps lacks the facilities, they usually outsource their training to other cross-service schools sponsored by the United States Army and Navy.

Are Marine Raiders Tier 1?

It’s unlikely a Marine Raider unit will ever become a part of the Tier 1 forces. However, individual Marine Raiders will likely be selected to serve in one of the joint Tier One forces from time to time on a rather infrequent basis.

Where are Force Recon Marines stationed?

United States Marine Corps Reconnaissance BattalionsMarine Division ReconnaissanceRoleSupport Ground Combat Element of MAGTF in ground and amphibious reconnaissance and direct action raids.Size2,000+ (Including 835 in Force Recon)Garrison/HQCamp Pendleton, CA Camp Lejeune, NC Camp Schwab, Okinawa10 more rows

Are Marine Raiders special forces?

The Marine Raider Regiment, formerly known as the Marine Special Operations Regiment (MSOR), is a special operations force of the United States Marine Corps, part of Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC).

Can you enlist as a Recon Marine?

Recon Marines have a military occupation specialty code of 0321. Enlisted Marines and new recruits can qualify to become a Recon Marine candidate if they: Are a U.S. citizen. Score a 105 or higher on your ASVAB’s General Technical section.

Can you go straight to Force Recon?

Marine Recon reports to a division command. Force Recon reports to a MAGTF command (Marine Air Ground Task Force). … They are officially called the Marine Raiders now btw. TLDR- you can’t go straight into MARSOC, not the way it’s set up now.