Does Green Drop Accept Furniture?

How much does Green Drop cost?

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Who is green drop?

GreenDrop offers the most convenient way to donate gently used clothing and household items to assist charitable programs. Not only do we have the option for home pickups but we also have donation drop-off locations as well. … When it’s time to donate donors can give us a call to schedule a home pickup.

What does green drop do with their donations?

GreenDrop supports the fundraising efforts of its charitable partners by generating and collecting clothing and household goods which are sold to various thrift stores. … Your donation to your selected charity is tax deductible for the value of the items you donate.

Who picks up donations in my area?

Places That Pick-Up Donations for FreeThe Salvation Army. … Goodwill. … Furniture Bank. … Amvets. … GreenDrop. … Habitat for Humanity. … Pick Up Please. … The Arc.More items…•

Is Green Drop legit?

GreenDrop is a donation service that accepts gently used items for resale in thrift stores. The money raised from the sale of these once unwanted goods supports charities like Military Order of the Purple Heart, the National Federation of the Blind, the Society of St.

What does green drop take?

GreenDrop accepts gently used articles of clothing, shoes, blankets, bedding, household items, collectibles, kitchenware, games, toys, small appliances, electronics, sporting goods, baby items, and other useful goods. GreenDrop accepts a variety of gently used items to raise money for the American Red Cross.

How does Green Drop make money?

Vincent de Paul of Philadelphia. The charities receive cash for the donations, which are sorted and then resold at area thrift stores, sent overseas to developing countries or separated by their component fibers for wholesale manufacturing.

Is Purple Heart still taking donations?

On behalf of Purple Heart, GreenDrop accepts donations of gently used clothing items and household goods. … To schedule an at-home pick up or to drop-off your tax-deductible donations at a Purple Heart donation location, call GreenDrop today at 888-944-3767 today. Purple Heart greatly appreciates all of your donations.

Does GreenDrop accept stuffed animals?

GreenDrop’s list of acceptable donation items includes all articles of clothing, shoes, blankets and bedding. We also take tools, collectibles, kitchenware, toys, small appliances, electronics, musical instruments and sporting goods.

Does Green Drop Take pillows?

Cosmetics and toiletries (unopened), eyeglasses and sunglasses, artificial flowers and trees, umbrellas, yarns and material, knick-knacks, antiques, jewelry, luggage, buttons, musical instruments, towels, area rugs-6×9 or smaller, Christmas and seasonal decorations, novelties, framed pictures and paintings, yard tools, …

Who owns Green Drop?

Chris StinnettGreenDrop is now run by Chris Stinnett, the founder’s grandson. “We plan to continue to expand the business and hope in 10 years we’re in the entire country,” Peressini said.

Does Red Cross accept stuffed animals?

Our volunteers take in donations of new and gently used stuffed animals, blankets, books, children’s clothes, and baby items, cleans these items, and then finds organizations in their area who can use the donations for children in traumatic or emotional situations.

What items does Purple Heart not accept?

Some of the items we can’t accept are furniture, TVs and computer monitors. To be accepted, donations must weigh 50 pounds or less.

Is green drop a non profit?

At GreenDrop, we’re doing good for the community, good for the environment, and good for non-profit charities. Our concept transforms abandoned, unsightly gasoline stations into fully branded and professionally managed donation centers.

Is green drop still open?

*Please note, our hours of operation will be Monday – Sunday 10am – 5pm at all locations until further notice…. We will continue to share updates, as we reopen more locations. Thank you for your continued support!