Question: How Do You Use Charge?

What does it mean to charge it to the game?

“Charge it to the game” is pimp slang that means that something is a loss, but a lesson is learned from it..

Is charged with meaning?

charge (one) with (something) 1. To officially accuse one of a crime. They finally caught Capone by charging him with tax evasion. 2.

What does it mean to charge someone up?

charge someone up to excite someone; to make a person enthusiastic about something. (See also charged up.) The speaker charged up the crowd. He reread the report, hoping to charge himself up enough to make some positive comments.

What is the force of charge?

According to Coulomb, the electric force for charges at rest has the following properties: Like charges repel each other; unlike charges attract. Thus, two negative charges repel one another, while a positive charge attracts a negative charge. The attraction or repulsion acts along the line between the two charges.

What does it mean when someone says I am game?

If someone asks you if ‘you are game,’ they want to know whether you are willing to try something; whether you are interested in doing something fun or unusual.

What does chalk it up to the game mean?

Today it means to give credit in a more general sense, as in the expression “chalk it up to experience” (credit it to experience, add it to your account of experiences).” A successful team may chalk up another win. You chock a vehicle parked on a slope by slipping a wedge called a “chock” behind its wheels.

How do you use the word charge?

“They will investigate the criminal charge.” “If you want the promotion, you will need to take charge of this project.” “She placed him in charge.” “The general led the charge against the enemy.”

What does it mean to give a charge?

: to give an amount of electricity to (something) : to put electricity into a battery so that a machine or device will run. formal : to give a job or responsibility to (a person or group) : to make (a person or group) responsible for something. : to formally accuse (someone) of a crime.

Do we say charged with or charged for?

being “charged,” “convicted” and “sentenced” are considered noun phrases after the preposition “between”, so they are meaning a concept (a step in the legal process regarding a crime) respectively rather than going with “for” as a fixed expression.

What are the three types of charge?

Matters can be charged with three ways, charging by friction, charging by contact and charging by induction. When you rub one material to another, they are charged by friction.

What is the minimum charge?

Minimum Finance Charge: An Overview A minimum finance charge is a monthly credit card fee that a consumer may be charged if the accrued balance on the card is so low that an interest charge under the minimum would otherwise be owed for that billing cycle. Most credit cards have a minimum finance charge of $1.

What does Charge it to my head and not my heart mean?

It means that the person does not always remember to tell their loved one how much they are loved, or that the person is too busy with work-related matters to do so.