Question: What Does Posting Someone Mean?

Will keep you guys posted?

COMMON If you keep someone posted, you continue giving them the latest information about a situation.

She made me promise to keep her posted on developments.

I’ll keep you posted with what’s happening..

What is the full meaning of Post?

Power On Self TestStands for “Power On Self Test.” POST (or P.O.S.T.) is a series of system checks run by computers and other electronic devices when they are turned on. On computer systems, the POST operation runs at the beginning of the boot sequence. …

Will keep you posted meaning?

to make sure someone knows what is happening, esp. in a situation that is quickly changing: The doctors kept me posted about her condition.

What is called post?

post- a prefix, meaning “behind,” “after,” “later,” “subsequent to,” “posterior to,” occurring originally in loanwords from Latin (postscript), but now used freely in the formation of compound words (post-Elizabethan; postfix; postgraduate; postorbital).

Will keep you updated or posted?

If someone asks you to keep them posted on the general progress of a project, you may want to say, “Ok. I’ll keep you updated.” Alternatively, if they are waiting for some specific information you can say, “Ok.

What does rate mean in British slang?

Rate: a slang word for ok or fine. ”

What does it mean when someone says they are posted?

adjective. staying at the same location. Person 1: Are you gonna be at your place still in an hour? Person 2: Yeah I’m posted.

What does post mean in slang?

Hang outThe Meaning of POST POST means “Hang out” So now you know – POST means “Hang out” – don’t thank us. YW! What does POST mean? POST is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the POST definition is given.

What does it mean to rate someone?

[transitive, intransitive] to have or think that somebody/something has a particular level of quality, value, etc. rate somebody/something + adv./prep.

Why is it called post?

In the 19th century, the British typically used mail to refer to letters being sent abroad (i.e. on a ship) and post to refer to letters for domestic delivery. The word Post is derived from Medieval French poste, which ultimately stems from the past participle of the Latin verb ponere (“to lay down or place”).

What does staying Posted mean?

If you keep posted about something, you keep up-to-date with information and developments.

What is pre and post?

The prefixes “pre-” and “post-” refer to events before and after. For instance, “pre-season” and “post-season” or “pre-study” and “post-study”.

What does Raited mean?

Definitions of RAITED in various dictionaries: Rain is liquid water in the form of droplets that have condensed from atmospheric water vapor and then becomes heavy enough to fall under gravity.

What does it mean to be rated a 7?

TV-Y7 indicates that programming is designed for chil- dren ages 7 and older. An additional rating, TV-Y7-FV, is used to indicate that a program contains “fantasy violence” that may be more intense or combative than other TV-Y7 programs. Are all TV programs rated? The Guidelines apply to most television programs.

What does I’ll keep you posted mean?

to regularly give someone information about something that they are interested in, for example how a situation is changing or developing. Not much has happened so far, but I’ll keep you posted. Synonyms and related words. + To tell someone something, or to give information.