Question: What Is Urgent Message?

What is an urgent message?

Urgent messages also include text-to-voice calls as a fallback if recipients aren’t reachable by text or app.

This includes people who have opted out of text notifications and any delivery failures.

Urgent messaging should be limited to emergency situations, ranging lockdowns, weather closures, or unexplained absences..

How do you send an emergency alert to someones phone?

Then, if you ever want to send a location alert: On the app’s main screen, select the person with whom you want to share your location. Tap “Send location alert now.”…The advanced option for Android or iOSTap the “Add Contacts” box on the app’s main screen.Find and tap the name of anyone you want to add.More items…•

How do I set up text alerts?

Text Message Notification Settings – Android™From the messaging app, tap the Menu icon.Tap ‘Settings’ or ‘Messaging’ settings.If applicable, tap ‘Notifications’ or ‘Notification settings’.Configure the following received notification options as preferred: … Configure the following ringtone options:More items…

Do police send text messages?

They can text you, but you do not have to answer. If you do not feel like speaking with him I would call the number and request that he stop contacting you.

Can you text 911 if you can’t talk?

If you use a wireless phone or other type of mobile device, make sure to do the following in an emergency: Always contact 911 by making a voice call, if you can. If you are deaf, hard of hearing or speech disabled, and text-to-911 is not available, use a TTY or a telecommunications relay service, if possible.

What is high priority text message?

High Priority OnPage alerts mimic the pager urgency but also enables a rich, full text message with voice or picture attachments. Designed for critical, time-sensitive situations, the OnPage alert assures the sender that the message has reached its destination and was read.

Can you text Google for answers?

You can get an answer to most questions by sending Google a text message (sms). To do it, simply send a message to 466453 (G-O-O-G-L-E).

How are urgent messages sent?

How do I send an Android text message and mark it urgent – Messages Community. Type the message you want to send, and instead of tapping the send button, hold the send button. It should give you a box to check labeled “urgent”.

What does an urgent voicemail do?

A message marked “urgent” is available for review before non-urgent messages. Use the urgent delivery option with discretion because some Voice Mail customers may have Outcall to Pager Notification set to call them immediately for urgent messages. Do not use urgent for routine messages.

How do you send an urgent text message on Iphone?

Click Urgent alert at the top right corner. Write your urgent message. Click Review message. If your message is correct, click Send.

How do you send an emergency text?

To turn on this feature see the steps below:1 Go to setting menu.2 Go to the Advanced Features, and select Send SOS messages.3 Agree the Terms and Conditions to setup the contact person.4 You can select recipient from your contacts or create new.