Quick Answer: Which Pokemon To Use Elite Fast TM?

What Pokemon is best to use a fast TM on?

Best Elite Fast TM in Pokemon GOMuk – Legacy move Lick.Beedrill – Legacy move Bug Bite.Weepinbell – Legacy move Razor Leaf.Pidgeot – Legacy move Wing Attack.Charizard – Legacy move Wing Attack.Zapdos – Legacy move Thunder Shock.Feraligator – Legacy move Water Gun.Dugong – Legacy move Ice Shard.More items…•.

What should I use my Elite TM on?

Our Top 10 Ways to Use an Elite Charged TM in Pokémon GO#3: Rhyperior: Rock Wrecker (CD)#4: Moltres: Sky Attack. #5: Omastar: Rock Slide.#6: Dewgong: Icy Wind.#8: Blaziken: Blast Burn (CD)#9: Swampert: Hydro Cannon (CD)#10: Salamence: Outrage (CD)

Which Pokemon is best for charged TM?

Best Pokemon to use Technical Machines (TMs) onPokemonMove to replaceTypeDragoniteHyper Beam normalChargeSnorlaxEarthquake groundChargeRhydonMegahorn bugChargeGyaradosTwister dragonCharge12 more rows•Jul 1, 2017

Should I use my elite charged TM on Shadow Mewtwo?

The best way is an Elite Charged TM, which can replace any non-Frustration attack with any of that character’s previously available (and legal) attacks. This typically costs a lot of money but is also handed out as a reward for Battle League season ranks or other events.

What is the fastest fast attack in Pokemon go?

List of Fast moves in Pokemon GOThunder Shock. 0.6. 8.33. 13.33. 111.11.Transform. 2.23. 0.00. 0.00. 0.00.Vine Whip. 0.6. 11.67. 10.00. 116.67.Volt Switch. 1.6. 8.75. 13.13. 114.84.Water Gun. 0.5. 10.00. 10.00. 100.00.Water Gun. 10.00. 6.00. 60.00.Waterfall. 1.2. 13.33. 6.67. 88.89.Wing Attack. 0.8. 10.00.More items…

How do you get the TM elite fast?

To receive the Elite Charged and Fast TMs, you need to reach rank seven or higher by the end of the league’s time during the first season. Each of the leagues lasts for two weeks, so you have plenty of time to work your way up to this point.

How do you get the TM elite fast in Pokemon go?

How to earn Elite TMs. Much like traditional TMs in Pokemon Go, there are two forms of Elite TMs – Elite Charged TM and Elite Fast TM. As their names give away, they differentiate between Charge and Fast Moves. The best way to get an Elite TM is by reaching Rank 7 in GO Battle League.

What’s the best Pokemon to use an elite TM on?

Best moves and Pokemon to use Elite TMs onPsystrike and Shadow Ball. We all know Mewtwo’s credentials – it is one of the best attackers in all of Pokemon Go. … Meteor Mash. Metagross is an underrated Pokemon in the mobile game. … Hydro Cannon. … Rock Wrecker. … Wing Attack. … Thunder Shock.

What is a elite fast TM?

Advertisement. Elite Fast TM – This Technical Machine lets you choose a Fast Attack to teach to a Pokémon. Elite Charge TM – This Technical Machine lets you choose a Charged Attack to teach to a Pokémon.

What is the difference between fast TM and charged TM?

Using a TM on a Pokémon will randomly reselect one of its moves, with a Fast TM giving you a different fast move and a Charge TM a different Charge move. You’re guaranteed to get a different move each time you use a TM, but of course you can only get a move that said Pokémon can learn in the first place.

Should you purify Shadow Mewtwo?

Should you Purify Shadow Mewtwo? Under no circumstances, no. Shadow Mewtwo is disproportionately stronger than its normal form, and here’s why. … This means even with the lowest IVs a trainer’s encounterable Shadow Mewtwo could have been coded with at GO Fest 2020, it will hit harder than a 100% IV standard Mewtwo.

What is the best elite charged TM?

A comprehensive tier list of best Pokémon and moves to use your Elite TM’s on. Includes both Elite Fast TM and Elite Charge TM….Community Day / Shadow Pokémon Elite TM Tier List.PokémonMoveTierCharizardDragon BreathADragoniteDraco MeteorABlastoiseHydro CannonAEeveeLast Resort (Eevee evolutions)A29 more rows•Dec 13, 2020

What is an elite TM Pokemon go?

Pokemon GO Elite TM Players who are able to reach rank seven or higher in the Battle League will be awarded an Elite TM at the end of the season, where they reached the necessary rank. … This helps save players a ton of time instead of having to wait until they get the move they desire.