What Is The Opposite Of High Pitch?

What is another word for high pitched?

In this page you can discover 23 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for high-pitched, like: piercing, shrill, shrieky, acute, clarion, treble, high, piping, shrilly, low and low-pitched..

What is the definition of high pitched?

1 : having a high pitch a high-pitched voice. 2 : marked by or exhibiting strong feeling : agitated a high-pitched, almost frantic campaign— Geoffrey Rice.

What is a high pitched scream called?

A high-pitched, piercing cry is a shriek. If the sound you make is high, sharp, and loud, it’s a shriek. …

What are the 6 types of voices?

Though everyone’s range is specific to their voice, most vocal ranges are categorized within 6 common voice types: Bass, Baritone, Tenor, Alto, Mezzo-Soprano, and Soprano. If you’ve been part of a choir before, you’re probably pretty familiar with these ranges.

What does splotch mean?

A splotch is a messy or unevenly shaped spot. Some people get bright red splotches on their faces when they blush. Be careful when you’re eating something messy in your brand new shirt—you might end up with splotches of barbecue sauce or watermelon juice all over yourself.

What does screeching mean?

1 : to utter a high shrill piercing cry : make an outcry usually in terror or pain. 2 : to make a shrill high-pitched sound resembling a screech also : to move with such a sound the car screeched to a stop.

What is the opposite of pitch?

What is the opposite of pitch?inclineascentslopeacclivitygradegradienthillcantinclinationrise3 more rows

What is the meaning of high pitched and piercing?

Piercing adjective – Causing intense discomfort to one’s skin. High-pitched is a synonym for piercing in high topic. You can use “High-pitched” instead an adjective “Piercing”, if it concerns topics such as penetrating, shrill, intense to the senses. popular alternative Nearby Words: pierced, piercingly, piercer.

Why is my voice so high pitched female?

Males and females have different vocal fold sizes, and the shorter vocal folds of women makes their pitch higher. Furthermore, some women simply have more naturally higher-pitched voices than others.

What is the animal that makes a loud screeching noise?

From bonobos to bats, owls to howler monkeys, screeching helps a diverse range of creatures to make their point.

What is another word for pitch in music?

What is another word for pitch?tonetimbrefrequencyintonationkeymodulationstresscadencecadencylilt80 more rows

What is the sentence of pitch?

Pitch sentence examples. You can stop making your pitch, Brandon. It wasn’t bad enough she had to pitch her cookies in front of him, now she was going to cry. It was pitch dark and rainy.

How do you describe a high pitched voice?

Guttural – Deep and made at the back of your throat. High-Pitched – Very high and shrill. Hoarse – Low rough voice, usually because their throat is sore. … Husky – A husky voice is deep and sounds hoarse often in an attractive way.

What is a silvery voice?

1 : having the luster of silver. 2 : having a soft high clear musical tone a silvery voice.

How do you describe a voice in a story?

Words To Describe a Character’s VoiceAdenoidal: If someone’s voice is adenoidal, some of the sound seems to come through their nose.Appealing: Appealing look, voice etc shows that you want help, approval, or agreement.Breathy: Loud breathing noises.Brittle: … Croaky: … Dead: … Disembodied: … Flat:More items…

Who has high pitched voice male or female?

In general, women speak at a higher pitch—about an octave higher than men. An adult woman’s average range is from 165 to 255 Hz, while a man’s is 85 to 155 Hz (see sources). Men’s voices are generally deeper because the surge of testosterone released during puberty causes their vocal cords to elongate and thicken.

Is high pitched one word?

Although high-pitched is serving the same function as fifteen-legged, high-pitched is a hyphenated adjective, while the hyphen-combined words fifteen and legged form a compound adjective.

What is another word for pitch?

Some common synonyms of pitch are cast, fling, hurl, sling, throw, and toss.